2020 was a blessing in disguise

Last year was one of the most important years of our lifetime. We’re witnessing a global shift in industry and culture that’s not only of historical importance, but is paramount to the success of our future.

Back in August, I wrote a post, Decentralize from Big Tech, about how society had begun shifting away from the clutches of censorship from large social networks, the mainstream media, and big corporations. Today, millions have been forced to abandon these platforms.

People and communities are outraged; we are grossly divided. We’re witnessing a massive shake up in beliefs, politics, business, and education. We are in the midst of a monumental paradigm shift and now is the opportunity to find your purpose.

“When there is change, there is opportunity.”

Jack Welch

It’s easy to dwell on the overwhelming negativity still circulating from the change brought forth over the past year. 2020 was difficult. We battled tragedy and uncertainty with Covid-19; millions of jobs were lost; we endured lockdowns; we entered a mental health crisis; we watched the destruction of cities; and we ended the year with a highly controversial election. We are continuing to experience unfathomable economic decline through continuous reckless spending – further increasing the flames of a burning corrupt system of government and big business.

The blessing in disguise is accepting this bleak reality and leveraging it to take action. Use this momentum to get ahead.

Now is the time to invest in yourself, your abilities, and your mindset. Throughout 2020, we were presented a series of new problems that need help solving. Where can you contribute? What skills do you possess that can help solve these new challenges? What new skills should you learn? Become self-employed. Create passive income streams. Working for yourself means independence — you can’t be fired.

Get your finances in order; put a plan together, and get out of debt. By getting out of debt, you’re less dependent on a job and you aren’t under the control of the big banks that contribute billions to the corrupt system we are now experiencing.

Surround yourself with those that share similar beliefs and goals. Buy from likeminded small business owners, people and companies you believe in and can share ideas with. It’s an opportunity to help people who share the same values and to leverage your collective knowledge, create synergy, and expand opportunities in adjacent areas.

Remove distractions. Reduce the noise. Focus on what matters most to you and your family. Organize and contribute locally. If you want to make a real difference, get involved within your community. Realize that consistency matters and builds the foundation for integrity.

Be strong. Be a hero. Write a new story in your life. Start today.