40 million unemployed: You should be learning new skills

The first article I shared was centered around doing — getting started, creating action, beginning. The time for procrastination has gone and passed. Overthinking is a common pitfall of human beings; we get in our heads. The idea of “I’ll do that someday” is a fallacy — that voice inside your head is no longer valid in today’s world. Create a simple outline or plan, but don’t let it paralyze you. Ignite the flame; set the wheels in motion. It’s time to pursue what you’ve put off for weeks, months, or years. Much like the industrial revolution, we’re experiencing a technological revolution, a boom in digital products, platforms, and services that have introduced new opportunities for real growth. It’s time to produce; it’s time to lead; it’s time to innovate.

Artificial intelligence, digital-first, & the contactless world ahead

Like my wife and millions of others furloughed or permanently laid off during a global pandemic, it’s easy to believe that things will go back to the way they were. They won’t. While Americans have been distracted by fear, quarantine and mandatory lockdowns, manufactured race wars, the right against the left, democrats against republicans, the world economy has begun experiencing a monetary reset. With the economy essentially in gridlock, trillions of dollars are being injected into the system — providing a “stimulus” to individuals, families, and small businesses while buying up assets across all markets. The free market is now less free — the Federal Reserve, the government, and select corporations are set to own and control everything. This level of spending will have disastrous effects we have never seen before in history.

The 40+ million unemployed aren’t likely to come back to the jobs they once held. To think that one can solely rely on a 9 to 5 job, retirement, and social security is outdated thinking. Interestingly, according to the World Economic Forum, the global coronavirus response operations have been in planning for years and are now being implemented. We should not only understand what’s happening but also question why. Now is the time to pivot and strategize how to ride the ripple effects of the big splash. Here’s an outline of some key societal and economical shifts taking place:

  • Working and living from home is the new normal and will likely continue due to the virus and the potential “waves” predicted to follow, much like the seasonal flu
  • Health precautions have impacted different demographics in different ways and people are taking preventative measures
  • Fear, anxiety, depression, and mental health is on the rise
  • Supply chains have been disrupted impacting food supply, household products, and manufacturing demands
  • The stock market isn’t based on reality due to the massive increase in debt, unemployment, and constant geopolitical rhetoric

Invest in yourself to be current & prepared for the future

Considering the shifts in society, government, technology, and economics, how will you adapt? Transform uncertainty, fear, and negativity into positive energy and progress by building and developing new skills — skills that can be leveraged in the “new world” we’re rapidly approaching. Take an online course to learn the fundamentals of visual design or marketing. Read more books and blogs on entrepreneurship. Attend a webinar on investing, take a course on blockchain, or read an ebook on drop-shipping.

Treat everyday as a new learning opportunity. Successful people set a daily routine, usually starting their day an hour in the morning dedicated towards self-development. After a cup of coffee, I usually exercise in the morning while watching video courses or listening to audio books. I’ll take notes and reference later for deeper research during the evenings. I earned a certificate from Stanford in Innovation and Entrepreneurship by doing just this 1 hour daily routine. With a small dose of drive and discipline, anyone can make progress. The key is to learn while you progress towards your new business.

5 trends for building new businesses & multiple sources of income

Given the significant shifts towards digital, the trends have changed. People’s day-to-day routines have been disrupted. Companies are having to adapt their strategy and businesses models. Below are a few areas for short-term to long-term business opportunity:

  1. Online Education — expert advice, blogging, 1:1 consulting, life coaching, subscriptions
  2. Health Services — mental health & psychology, men’s health, women’s health, sanitation, supplements, organic nutrition
  3. Survival — emergency preparedness, “off grid” living, gardening, food storage, self-protection, home security
  4. Home Fitness — exercise equipment, coaching, workout planning, nutrition advice
  5. Technology — programming, blockchain, web design, social media management, content writing

The time to procrastinate is over. What value might you provide in this quickly changing world? What new investment will you make in yourself? What new skills will you learn? The answers to these questions will put you on a path forward and ahead of the masses that are likely to be left behind.

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