Gerald Celente: “The economy is dead & the politicians killed it – invest in gold and silver”

I have been a long time listener of Gerald Celente and Trends in the News. His monthly publication recently increased to weekly to keep up with the current rapidly-changing world. During his interview with Greg Hunter from, he discusses his earlier predictions regarding the world economies, debt, currencies, and GDP — before the coronavirus took hold. He goes into detail of how the politicians used Covid-19 as the catalyst to bringing down the economy. He also provided his perspective on how he’s hedging against the storm ahead.

Greg Hunter & Gerald Celente – Gold Spikes Economy Not Coming Back

“People forget, it was negative GDP growth in Europe in the last quarter of 2019 — in Mexico, in Japan…it was a global slowdown, India, there were protests going on all over the world, India, Lebanon, Algeria, South Africa, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile — it was out of control and this was before this thing started collapsing.”

“The value of the currency is going to go down — the only reason the dollar is staying where it is, is because the other ones are so weak. That’s it.”

Gerald Celente

Investing in Gold and Silver

According to Yelp, 53% of restaurants won’t be reopening, and 41% of businesses won’t be coming back. Gerald predicts there will be a significant downturn in the fall of 2020, with the Federal Reserve taking full advantage by purchasing everything from ETFs, corporate bonds, stocks, commercial real estate, to other assets at very cheap prices.

Precious metals have been rising over the past year. With the big move in technology and employees working from home — everything is going digital. Gold and silver have plenty of room to move. See the charts below:

SPDR Gold Shares (GLD)

finviz dynamic chart for GLD

iShares Silver Trust (SLV)

finviz dynamic chart for SLV

Obviously, one should consider the ramifications of investing in either paper gold and silver or physical gold and silver. “Silver will have a lot of value to it because we’ll have more tech in the new world.” Celente predicts Gold to be above $2000 an ounce by the end of year, with a stock market crash in the fall.

Also consider the impacts of high unemployment due to the closing of small and medium size businesses with the continued lockdowns. I recently wrote an article on business trends and how to begin creating multiple sources of income.

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