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I can remember visiting my grandfather in Laurel, Maryland. I was maybe 13 or 14. I was wearing a Nike shirt with the iconic bold tagline “Just do it.” Without even saying hello, he stopped and took a hard look at my shirt, smiled, pointed and said, “that’s the right mindset; that’s the right thinking.” What I found interesting about that moment, to me, was that Nike’s branding didn’t matter. It was my grandfather’s approval of it’s meaning that stuck with me to this day. It connected. I got it.

Welcome to Mind Money Muscle

My name is Adam Davis. I’m a product designer, a leader, an entrepreneur, and a thinker. I live in Atlanta. I have a wife and daughter. I’m just a regular guy — inspired to change the world. Read more about me.

I created this site for many reasons, but mainly as an outlet to release my thoughts, stories, and perspective on topics I find interesting and important. I consider myself a conservative centered libertarian, but my political views can often change. I try to see the world through a macro and micro lens. I try my best to consider many different perspectives. Living in this “Information Age,” faced with great uncertainty, we’re all in this together. Times are changing at break-neck speed. One can cling to their own contentment, or one can adapt. It’s sink or swim. It’s your choice. Fortunately, for now, you have the freedom of choice.

In these profound times, when voices are being silenced or shadow-banned from many different channels and platforms, my goal is to share and communicate more — If I can do that through writing and other forms of expression, who knows, maybe I can help change the world to become a better place. Maybe it could help bring someone a sense of balance and mindfulness. Maybe together our views can create healthy debate and discourse that will reach higher learning and enlightenment.

The 3 M’s, Mind Money Muscle, was one of the most impactful things my grandfather instilled in me. He would say, “In order to be successful, you need 3 things: Mind, Money, and Muscle. Without all 3, your life will be unfulfilled and off balance.” I loved the simplicity of it. Whenever my brother and I would visit him, he’d ask, “What are the 3 M’s?” He made sure we understood and memorized it. While, admittedly, I’m no expert, that’s what this site focuses on — those 3 M’s.


Your mind is everything. How you choose to maneuver its brilliant capabilities is truly up to you. What you choose to fill it with makes you who you are, in the present and in the future. Choose wisely. The truth is: you’re never finished learning and improving your mind! Having a sharp mental mindset not only improves oneself, it improves the lives of those closest to you.

Today, we have so much available information literally at our fingertips: CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, books, courses, independent journalism…the list goes on. You’re consuming new information by reading this. The information you choose to add to your mind creates a construct of what you believe. The key is first to discern who controls the information you are consuming. What’s their background? What are their political views? Who are they affiliated with? How do they get their funding? What do you believe their biases to be? What’s their purpose; what’s their agenda? Asking these questions will help make us all more conscious, more self-aware, and resilient in what we read, listen, and watch. Take control of your mind.


Think about building wealth. Think investments. Think stability. Think future. Now think about the burden of debt and the affects it can have on your life and your family. Obtaining continuous financial knowledge enables freedom. “He who controls the money controls the world.” You control your money and you control your world. Thinking about money more frequently is not a bad thing — let money work for you and your life.

Decentralization is important. Why only have one single source of income? Creating multiple sources of income not only creates more revenue and cash flow, it creates stability — it creates independence. Why diversify your investments? Well, because we’ve learned that banks are not stable. We’ve learned that paper currencies are fragile, through inflation and deflation. We’ve learned that centralized banks control it all. Now is the time to be smart about your money by becoming more financially fluent.


The last piece to the 3 M trifecta is your health and well-being. “Take care of number one,” yet another quote from my grandfather, is critical to all aspects of your life. From energy levels, to overall mood and happiness, taking care of yourself through proper nutrition, exercise, and rest, helps one reach peak performance and efficiency. Not only that, it contributes to life longevity by helping shield your immune system from illness. With the proper organic eating habits, movement, and supplements, your good health standing can prepare you to be both proactive and reactive.

This is another complicated topic that has become oversaturated with information from many different sources on what’s good for you and what’s not. Being critical of central organizations that control and dominate anything health related (like the WHO, CDC, FDA, and the pharmaceutical industry) is a good thing. This helps us evolve and learn — this encourages out-of-the box thinking, innovative science and new products. Start making important decisions for you and your family by avoiding apathy. Start by doing your own research and evaluate the many different sources available to you.

With this introduction, I also want to clearly reiterate that I’m no expert — my goal is to share my perspective, facts, and opinions on different topics in order to create positive dialogue in a world with plenty of negativity and divide. Another personal goal is to continue to grow myself by being more inclusive to other’s ideas and views. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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